The following fees are flat attorney fees and do not include USPTO fees. The hourly rate for non-flat fee matters is $350 per hour.

US Patent Applications
Patent Novelty Search
Patent Search with Attorney Evaluation
$1000 – $1500
 Preparation and Filing of a regular Nonprovisional Application (Business Method, Electrical, Mechanical, or Software)
 Preparation and Filing of a skinny Nonprovisional Application (Limited to 5 claims, 2 figures and a 4 page specification)
 Preparation and Filing of a Design Patent (For most small and micro entity clients including draftsman’s fees) Please note that using your own draftsman may prolong the process and incur additional fees due to the complexity of design drawings.
 Preparation and Filing of a Provisional Patent Application (single embodiment and limited to a 3 page specification)
$300 – $1500
 Response to Office Action (billed hourly and capped at $1,800)
 Appeal Brief (billed hourly and capped at $3200)
PCT Applications
 Preparation and Filing of a PCT Application
 Response to Office Action (billed hourly and capped at $1,800) 
 Filing of USA National Stage Application
 Response to Office Action Using Associate’s Instructions